Kayla August

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A dynamic preacher with words to learn and love by

“Good preaching can be taught and refined. But what Kayla August offers through her preaching is a gift that can only be given by God and animated by the Spirit. Her love of the Gospel and her facility with language and imagery simultaneously challenges the mind, touches the heart, and inspires the hands and feet to action. If someone asked me to present an argument for why Catholic women should be preaching in our churches, I’d show them a video of Kayla August.”

Russ Petrus, co-director of FutureChurch and content coordinator for Catholic Women Preach


I am a doctoral student at the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College, where I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology and Education with a focus on preaching. I am a born and raised Black Catholic from New Orleans, Louisiana who desires to bring an energetic renewal of faith to the body of Christ.

I use preaching to impact religious education by inspiring Christians to deepen their encounters with scripture and how God plays an active role in our daily lives. My hope is to bring preaching into traditional and non-traditional arenas to reawaken and to re-engage in an active spiritual life. I hope through preaching, I can help to enliven the young adult faith community and also help to inspire marginalized voices—like my own— to play an active role in the Church.

Listen to Kayla as she inspires students at the University of Notre Dame’s annual MLK Prayer Service

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“Kayla loves people, the messy glorious Catholic Church, and the living God we serve. This love emanates from her whole being. as she seeks to be faithful to the Word that God plants in her heart to share with others. She is attentive to the real struggles of living,  powerfully naming where the forces of death, oppression, and violence can turn us away from the Gospel, while bringing a genuinely joyful witness to the proclamation of Good News.”

Casey Stanton, director of the Discerning Deacons project